Tuesday, October 04, 2005

University of Maryland Conference on Value Added Models

Last year, the University of Maryland held a conference on Value Added assessment models which was timely, relevant and informative for educators contemplating both growth modeling as well as value added assessment. In fact, the conference presentations were collected together and put into a book to memorialize the conference as well as the shared wisdom (Conference Proceedings 2004) as edited by the conference organizer Dr. Robert Lissitz.

Because of the success of the conference last year and due to the continued discussion regarding growth modeling, value added assessment and AYP (even the FED are considering the use of growth models in NCLB accountability), the conference is on again. While I doubt many of you will plan to attend, please see the conference agenda so you can keep up on the research associated with growth models (2005 Maryland Conference on Value Added Models) and look for the proceedings of this 2005 conference.

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