Thursday, February 21, 2008

International Objective Measurement Workshop in NYC!

In the olden day, Raschites and 3PL researchers fought with so much vigor that they separated ways. I recall one AERA/NCME conference with Ron Hambleton on the right, Ben Wright on the left, and nothing but a "DMZ" in between. Well, times have changed, and more moderate heads have prevailed. Hence, those of you attending the AERA/NCME national conference in New York City should consider coming early and checking out the International Objective Measurement Workshop (IOMW). The workshop is held the two days prior to AERA and provides an excellent opportunity to hear about the latest developments in measurement.

The preliminary program for IOMW 2008 is now available. The conference will be held March 22 and 23, 2008 at New York University (NYU) in New York City. There are 48 paper presentations and 2 computer demonstrations scheduled. The preliminary program and the conference registration form can be found on the Journal of Applied Measurement (JAM) web site.

Early registration is currently open and in effect until March 14, 2008. Register now and save $10 on the registration fee. Late and onsite registration will also be available.

Hotel information can be found on the NYU web site. But hey, this is NYC, and it is easy to get anywhere from anywhere.

So check it out. If you have to travel all the way to NYC, you should at least take this opportunity to extend your stay over the front-end weekend.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Standard Setting Workshop at ATP in Dallas

The Pearson psychometric and research services team will be presenting a workshop at the annual conference for the Association of Test Publishers (ATP) held in Dallas, Monday, March 3, 2008. The title for the workshp is "Setting Performance Standards on High Stakes Tests."

Pearson has arguably more experience setting performance standards under NCLB than anyone. Most of this research is not published in peer-reviewed journals, but rather, become aspects of statewide technical reports. This workshop will be a great opportunity for customers, researchers and other practicioners to see what standard setting is all about for large-scale, high-stakes assessments required under NCLB.

The conference this year is being held at the Gaylord Texas resort near Grapevine. The workshop will take place on Monday, March 3, 2:00- 4:30 p.m.

The presenters from Pearson include:

Dr. Scott Davies
Dr. Erika Hall
Dr. Paul Nichols
Dr. Kimberly O’Malley
The team will describe basic activities used under common standard-setting methodology, including:

-item mapping
-modified Angoff
-body of work
-ID matching
-contrasting/borderline groups
-judgmental procedures
Facilitators will describe the roles played by psychometricians, meeting coordinators, and data analysts. Then, attendees will participate in a sample item mapping standard setting in which they will set a cut point and describe reasons for their judgments. Throughout the workshop, seasoned facilitators will share lessons learned and will distinguish what should happen in theory from what does happen in practice. Attendees will leave the workshop with a set of practical materials that will help them plan a future standard-setting meeting.

If you had no reason to attend this conference, this workshop should cause you to not only resgister, but show up and participate!

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Together We Can Change the World...

Well, the long anticipated integration between Pearson and former test publishing giant Harcourt Assessment, Inc. (also known at times in it's history as The Psychological Corporation and the testing division of Harcourt, Brace and Jovonovich) is complete! Senior Pearson leadership were in San Anotonio this week to meet with the new Pearson employees and to celebrate the lengthy process of DOJ approval.

In a previous press release, Pearson CEO, Marjorie Scardino, said:

"We have long admired these businesses. They bring new intellectual property, capabilities and skills to Pearson, and will enable us to accelerate our strategy of leading the personalisation of learning, both in the US and around the world. We know that their people share our commitment to education, and we look forward to welcoming them as colleagues."
For me personally, it was like "old home week" seeing many of the faces I've gotten to know over the years and reviewing the wonderful products, services and staff from Pearson's new "crown jewel."

Make no mistake, while challenges lie ahead in the education and assessment arenas, Pearson's goal to educate, inform and entertain our customers remains our primary motivator and this latest acquisition is another step toward accomplishing that goal.

Welcome aboard!

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