Thursday, July 06, 2006

First "Bulletin" Now Available

Pearson Educational Measurement (PEM) is proud to announce the first issue of our newly created Pearson Educational Measurement Bulletin. Our intent is to further the understanding of our industry and our profession by providing real-world explanations on pertinent topics related to test development, psychometrics, and educational assessment.

The first issue describes, in a non-technical way, the facts surrounding the current best measurement practice known as universal design (See PEM Research Report 05-04 for more information). This document links the requirements of NCLB with the desire to build the "least restrictive assessment environment" such that all students can participate in educational assessments fairly. Through universal design, assessments (both paper-based and electronic) will become more valid (supporting stronger inferences from student assessment results) because nonconstruct related variance will be reduced.

Written by researchers at PEM, this is a good introduction to universal design for those unfamiliar or needing more clarification, those needing a quick refresher, or those with familiarity who need a brief reference or resource.

New issues will be posted regularly and will cover a vast array of subjects. Some will be simple answers to frequently asked questions. Others will be more instructional with step-by-step guidance on your favorite measurement topics. You might even mistake some papers for empirical research! The only way you can tell is by dropping by our website from time to time to see what new topics have been posted. Or, you can make it easier by signing up to be notified of new releases.

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