Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Pearson at AERA/NCME!

Sometimes I forget how big Pearson really is. Here are additional presentations at both the AERA and NCME national conventions.

NCME Papers and presentations
Chu, Kwang-lee, & Lin, Serena Jie
Distracter Rationale Taxonomy: A Formative Evaluation Utilizing Multiple-Choice Distracters

Jirka, Stephen
Test Accommodations and Item-Level Analyses: Mixture DIF Models to Establish Valid Test Score Inferences

Lau, Allen
Evaluating Equivalence of Test Forms in Test Equating With the Random Group Design

Lin, Serena Jie
Examining the Impact of Omitted Responses on Equating

Seo, Daeryong
Exploring the Structure of Achievement Goal Orientations Using Multidimensional Rasch Models

Stephenson, Agnes
Examining Individual Students’ Growth on Two States’ English Language Learners Proficiency Assessments

Using HLM to Examine Growth of English Abilities for ELL Students and Group Differences

Wang, Jane
Modeling Growth: A Longitudinal Study Based on a Vertical Scaled English-Language Proficiency Test

Wang, Shudong
Vertical Scaling: Design and Interpretation

The Sensitivity of Yen’s Q3 Statistics in Detecting Local Item Dependence

NCME Papers and presentations

Arce-Ferrer, Alvaro & Diaz, Ileana
An Experimental Investigation of Rating Scale Construction Guidelines: Do They Work with Spanish-Speaking Populations

Yi, Qing
Item Pool Characteristics and Test Security Control in CAT

Wang, Shudong; Zhang, Liru; Kersteter, Patsy; Bolig, Darlene; Yi, Qing
An Investigation of Linking a State Assessment to the 2003 National Achievement of Educational Progress (NAEP) for 4th and 8th Grade Reading

Arce-Ferrer, Alvaro & Shin, Seon-Hi
Three Approaches to Measuring Individual Growth

Wang, Shudong; Jiao, Hong; & Hi, Wei
Parameter Estimation of One-Parameter Testlet Model

Wang, Shudong & Jiao, Hong
Empirical Evidences of construct Equivalence of Vertical Scale Across Grades in K-12 Large-Scale Standardized Reading Assessments

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